The Internet Professional Broker Advantage

For some, purchasing insurance over the internet is a new experience. Yet, there are several significant advantages that the Internet brings that appeal to many. The Internet makes new and fresh options available that distinctly tilt the advantage in the buyer's favor. Those advantages include:

  • No agent need visit your home; one less salesman to sit down at the kitchen table to sell you something. All communication is through E-mail, the phone, and US mail.
  • You work with an expert who specializes in this field, who can objectively answer your questions, and represent you to the insurance industry and their underwriters. Yours is a unbiased Consultant-Client relationship. There is no extra cost or fee for this service.
  • We have access to the best of the quality companies and policies, and, as consultants, are able to provide you a side-by-side comparison of equals, and can communicate these concepts in an understandable manner.
  • You are assured that all the better options have been explored, and those concerns that are most important to you are incorporated into the design of your plan.
  • Decisions you make are based on access to a broad accumulation of information, so that you can have confidence in your final decision.
  • All payments are made directly to the respective insurance company.
  • The Internet provides an easy, no hassle way for you to make your purchase based on the best of information, while staying in control of your own pace, process, and budget.

"All we do is Long Term Care Insurance..."