Why Capstone?

What distinguishes our organization is the extensive nationwide network of highly experienced LTCI specialists. We are able to offer the freedom to choose from a full array of top-rated insurance companies enabling us to customize a Long Term Care plan that fits a client's financial and personal situation.

Our system of long term care planning allows our clients to direct the planning process. Some choose to meet face-to-face with one of our specialists while others choose to conduct business at their own convenience using the internet, telephone, and mail (regular & email). In each case, consultation is provided by qualified long term care professionals.

Because we are known by the company we keep, the following is a list of those companies which we feel proud to represent. They all are major players in the industry, are highly rated to provide security and confidence, and they all bring the best of value to our clients. And since we are not limited to any one company, we can be objective in our search for the company that best fits your needs at the best price.